South Mountain Community College Ahwatukee Center closed during the summer, but a nearby campus in Guadalupe is hosting classes for Ahwatukee residents.

South Mountain Community College’s (SMCC) Guadalupe Center has been in the Guadalupe area for the past 25 years, temporarily hosting classes at Guadalupe Mercado.

In 2000, the Guadalupe Center, located at 9233 S. Avenida del Yaqui, was constructed and was later expanded — doubling the size of the school.

According to the school’s website, the school offers daily GED classes to the community through nonprofit organizations such as Friendly House.

The Friendly House Adult Education Program is funded by the Arizona Department of Education, and there is no charge for enrollment. Angie Glick, site manager for SMCC’s extended campuses, said the Guadalupe Center offers primarily general-education courses such as reading, math, science and humanities.

“We offer developmental English as well as English 101 and 102, which are the two composition classes that are required to transfer to a university,” she said. “We also offer math all the way up to calculus.”

During the spring semester, the Guadalupe Center will offer a biology course to its students.

“All our classes are transferable to the different state universities,” Glick said. “Because we are an extension of our main campus, many of our classes are the same as if you were going to the main campus. Many people think that we are a different college, but we are South Mountain and just an extension.”

Enrollment numbers of Ahwatukee residents have increased over the years — with 27 percent of last spring’s enrollment coming from the Ahwatukee area.

Glick believes that with SMCC’s Ahwatukee Center closing and word of the Guadalupe Center spreading, there’ll be a further increase of enrollment from Ahwatukee residents.

Angelina Valencia, adviser at the Guadalupe Center, shared her colleague’s sentiments. “With the increase of students from Ahwatukee coming over here, we’ve been having more students come,” she said.

“They seem to like it because classes are smaller, it’s convenient and closer, and they chose this area rather than going to the main campus.”

Glick said there were plans in the works on acquiring new space for a SMCC campus in Ahwatukee.

“We still want to still maintain a presence in Ahwatukee,” she said. “We’re putting a focus group together to look where we could be in Ahwatukee, and we’re trying to find the best location in Ahwatukee to have a site.”

SMCC will start the 2014-15 school year on Monday, Aug. 25.

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