The Ahwatukee Community Chorus will be hosting its final concert of the season tonight and is inviting the entire community to celebrate its inaugural year.

Tonight’s concert, titled “Celebrating Our First Year in Song,” will allow them to display to audience members what they have learned throughout the season.

They have performed at annual Ahwatukee events like Transportation Day at Horizon Presbyterian Church, Festival of Lights and neighborhood Christmas caroling.

The group also hosted concerts at the Ahwatukee Recreation Center, Horizon Presbyterian Church, Desert Foothills United Methodist Church and Friendship Village in Tempe.

Chorus members will be singing different music during the concert consisting of John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s “Blackbird” to a spiritual sit-down service.

They will also be performing songs in French and Latin and asking audience members to participate in the singing.

“We are hoping to get not only people who want to come and listen to us, but also people who might want to come sing with us next year because we really want this thing to grow,” singer Carrie Dixon said.

Ahwatukee Community Chorus allows its members to not only spread their love for music and singing, but to grow a friendship they otherwise would’ve never experienced.

Singer Gail Franevsky said that one of her favorite parts of participating in the chorus was the rehearsals because of the amount of fun they had.

“This is a good opportunity for anyone who is even thinking about singing, whether they have or don’t have any professional singing experience,” singer Judy Wade said. “People shouldn’t be shy and come listen to us, see if they might like to join. It’s a good opportunity for them to hear us.”

Ahwatukee Community Chorus is also interested in signing up new members, novice and experienced singers.

There are currently 15 singers in the chorus, and the group is looking to increase that number to 40.

“We’ve all had the experience with singing with other groups, but I don’t think we have had our voices nurtured to this extent,” Dixon said. “It’s quite amazing.”

Ahwatukee Community Chorus’ “Celebrating Our First Year Song” will take place this evening at 7 p.m. at Desert Foothills United Methodist Church, 2156 E. Liberty Lane.

There is no charge to attend the concert.

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