An effort to bring the Ahwatukee Foothills community together through music now has a new home at the Pecos Community Center.

Ahwatukee Community Music will be teaching music classes at Pecos Community Center beginning Aug. 4. Students can sign up for guitar, ukulele, keyboarding, percussion, brass instruments, woodwind instruments, group voice lessons and some combination classes. The Ahwatukee Community Chorus will also be relocating to work out of Pecos Community Center. That choir just finished its first full season together and is looking for more members.

The classes beginning Aug. 4 will be a mini-session with a full semester of classes beginning in September.

“We’re full of ideas for classes,” said Dawn Corso, who will be teaching adult voice lessons and leading the Ahwatukee Community Chorus. “We’re really happy to have this cooperative bond with the Pecos Community Center. I think it will be mutually beneficial for us and them as well as the whole community. That’s the whole idea is to bring more community music to Ahwatukee.”

Josh Parnell, recreation coordinator II at Pecos Community Center, said in the past that the center has been able to offer some guitar classes but not much else. The city was thrilled when Ahwatukee music came to them wanting to provide classes to the community.

“As a community center, we try to represent the community,” Parnell said. “We were lucky enough that they came to us asking for a place to house. If that’s the need of the community, then hopefully we can meet it.”

The instructors for the classes, Rhonda Morrison, Corso and Mark Schwartz, have been teaching for years. They say the idea behind these new classes is to bring music to more people. The prices at the community center make the lessons accessible for any budget and the classes will be geared to reach all levels.

“Celebrating musicality is what we represent, not just giving traditional lessons,” Morrison said. “So many people think music is for the special people and the rest just have to observe. Musicality is celebrated in every person’s soul and that is what we do.”

The classes, including the Ahwatukee Community Choir, are open to anyone. No tryouts are necessary. Those interested can sign up through the city’s website at or stop in to the Pecos Community Center at 17010 S. 48th St.

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