Five out of seven candidates running in Legislative District 18 have confirmed they will be in attendance for a debate in Tempe on Tuesday.

The Oct. 30 debate will be at St. James Episcopal Church, 975 E. Warner Road, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Republican incumbents Bob Robson and Jeff Dial have turned down multiple offers for public debates during this election season. Robson has agreed to attend this debate. Organizers did not hear back from Dial or the Independent candidate running for office, Brent Fine.

The forum is hosted by Valley Interfaith Project (VIP) and will also feature candidates from Legislative District 26. The Valley Interfaith Project is a non-partisan organization of 40 congregations throughout Maricopa County.

“There are many issues facing families in our congregations and neighborhoods right now,” the Rev. Dr. Robin Hollis, a VIP leader and deacon at St. James Episcopal Church in Tempe, said in a statement. “Voters want to hear what their candidates will do on those crucial issues, and that those officials will continue to work with us after the election. Valley Interfaith Project member congregations are looking to make that happen with this forum.”

Candidates from LD 18 and LD 26 will have a chance to address questions coming from congregations included in VIP. Topics will include economic recovery, health care, education and immigration.


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Why did Robson and Dial turn down the invitation to debate? Could their record be the reason? It would show that their far right voting record does not reflect the will of their constituents?


Dial is taking our votes for granted. I hope Independents and moderate Republicans keep that in mind when they head to the polls!

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