If the Desert Vista High School student body knows one thing, it’s an undying support for each other.

This past Saturday, as both the girls and boys soccer teams trekked to Gilbert for the Division I State Championship game at Campo Verde High School, a small sea of students in white with noisemakers, horns and constant cheering could be heard well beyond the parking lot on that cold, cloudy day.

Though both of Desert Vista’s teams came back without wins or even goals, the crowd never deflated during each game.

Sitting on the opposite side with coaches and other faculty before the girl’s game Saturday afternoon, Principal Dr. Anna Battle, had hopes for her teams and was even more impressed with the supporters.

“It just creates a whole lot of energy in the community,” Battle said. “The crowd has been steadfast all season.”

Steadfast describes it well.

Desert Vista’s student body, donned in white for the teams’ away color, sat on the east-facing bleachers of Campo Verde’s field. Their cheers, shouts, and disgruntled expressions were perfectly in sync with each play on the field.

With every steal, pass and attempt at a goal, the crowd reacted, often calling the attention of the opposing school’s students, staff and security.

Leading the crowd in their “We’re gonna win state” and “Olé” cheers, a group of seniors dressed in costumes like Fred Flintstone, a whoopee cushion, a sombrero-wearing hot dog, and others, student Mike Gonzalez said supporting the teams is more than just school spirit.

“It’s so special to support the team, our best friends are out there,” he said.

Another student, Nick Farina, mentioned that a loud crowd makes a difference for players on the field.

“It’s been a fun ride, we’ve been with them from the beginning and it’s good to be here,” he said.

Battle mentioned that the crowd of students also represents a “plethora of other sports” at the school, ranging from spring to fall.

Though the Thunder came short of winning titles this past weekend, which would have been the first since 2009 for girls and first for boys since 2008, Battle said she’s proud of her students for their pride.

“I’m just so proud of them,” she said. “It shows that everyone is supporting everyone else’s programs.”

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