In a small corner of Pecos Park set aside for little dogs, several pet owners have banded together to raise money for improvements to make puppy playtime a little bit more comfortable.

The group, which calls itself Pecos Ahwatukee Supports Small Dogs, has been successful in raising $700 for shade trees, which were planted in the small dog area of the dog park, at the east end of Pecos Park, at 48th Street and Pecos Road, about three months ago, said Joe Brooks, who regularly brings his miniature pinscher/Chihuahua mix Snoopy and his Maltese/poodle mix Bella to play.

Larry Hill said the informal group arose out of the social connections the park's users have formed. Hill often brings his two beagles, Baillie and Ginger to the park.

"Most of us have known each other for two or three years," he said. "We're here most every night. There are about 10 people that are real regulars."

The city of Phoenix plans to give the group $3,000 to match the amount its members have raised to pay for a fabric sail to shade park users from the sun, said Louie Spartafore, the city's recreation coordinator. The improvements are being conducted through a city program that allows community groups to adopt portions of city parks, he said.

"Anybody can adopt any portion of a park," Spartafore said. "The requirements are not a lot. It may be to come in once or twice a year and help with the cleanup."

However, any proposal to modify a city park must get the green light from a city landscape architect and engineer, he added.

"Anything that goes into a city park, we still have to have approval," Spartafore said.

Hill said the group's next goal is to get overhead lighting so the park can be used later in the evenings.

For more information on adopting a city park, call the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department at (602) 261-8793 or visit

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