What are the pros of kissing?

Kissing is not only good for our emotions and self-esteem, but also for our health. Kissing causes the blood vessels to dilate; therefore, lowering blood pressure, minimizing cramps, and reducing headaches. Kissing also releases positive chemicals to the brain that increases our happiness and energy. The chemicals are those released when we exercise such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. Kissing also helps burn calories by the tightening of the neck and jaw line muscles. This muscular motion is similar to exercising. Also, kissing can make you and your partner more compatibility and can give emotional stability. Lastly, kissing can help reduce cavities by increasing salivary flow. The more saliva that is the present, the more the bacteria in the mouth is washed away.

What are the cons of kissing?

Kissing can spread bacteria such as Mutans Streptococci (MS) by the exchange of saliva. Studies have shown that bacteria related gum diseases can be spread between spouses as a result from frequent kissing and saliva exchange. Infectious diseases and viruses are also spread from one person to another through kissing. One of the most common kissing diseases is the Epstein-Barr virus or mono virus. Mononucleosis is a common illness that leaves a person very tired and weak. The virus cannot only be spread by kissing, but by sharing the same drinking glass, eating utensils and food.

How can we prevent viruses or diseases?

Think twice before kissing. You now know some of the the risks and benefit of kissing, therefore be selective. If you are sick than avoid kissing. In order to keep your mouth and saliva healthy, be sure to brush and floss daily to minimize the build up of bacteria.

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