For the following two weeks, St. John Bosco Catholic School will host its K-Kamp to better assist incoming kindergartners with feeling comfortable in a classroom setting.

K-Kamp is entering its 11th year at St. John Bosco and was designed to decrease any separation anxiety students and parents may experience for the first day of school.

Incoming kindergartners receive a “crash course” of classroom expectations within K-Kamp, where they learn classroom rules, pre-reading skills and concepts, foundations for understanding math, D’Nealian handwriting, number and letter recognition, problem solving and critical thinking, social skills, story time and arts and crafts

All classes are on half-day schedules, from 9 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday, and are feature a small-group setting.

Enrollment fluctuates day by day from six to eight students.

One of K-Kamp’s main focuses is building an educational foundation for incoming kindergartners while also boosting their self-esteem for the fall semester.

Kathy McCormick, who overseas K-Kamp, said many of the students in K-Kamp become students leaders throughout the regular school year and they assist their peers on classroom etiquette.

“Some of them are still a little timid of a new place, so it’s been good for them to come in for a short time,” she said. “They’ve already met some friends through the camp, so they already know someone prior to coming to school in the fall.”

The half-day schedule familiarizes students and parents with being separated from one other, so when the fall semester begins, both parties can know what to expect.

McCormick said many parents were eager to make sure their child was adjusting well in the classroom, and they would arrive early to take a peek inside the classroom.

Assistant Principal Ryan Watson believes K-Kamp is a perfect way for incoming families to witness what St. John Bosco has to offer within its academics and its community environment.

“I think the most important thing is that the camp really helps to eliminate that separation anxiety a child might be experiencing coming from pre-kindergarten,” he said. “Kids are very excited for school but much attached to their parents. The sooner you can get them in and acclimated with the community and the routine, the better. Essentially, they’re going to come in on the first day of school and they feel like their already prepared.”

Parents interested in enrolling their child in K-Kamp can choose from two sessions from July 28 through Aug. 8.

Applicants from different districts are accepted for the summer program.

For more information about K-Kamp or how to register, visit

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