The Kyrene Altadeña Middle School choir students recently performed a flash mob at Chandler Regional Hospital, which was designed to uplift the staff for the services they provide for their patients.

More than 40 students participated in the flash mob, which took place inside the hospital’s parking lot, and were joined by staff members at the hospital who added to the performance.

Students were given a video of a dance routine that they needed to learn for the flash mob, which took them two days to master.

The idea for the uplifting performance came about by choir instructor, Linda Potts, who devised a way to give back to the hospital staff.

The generosity hit home for Potts because in 2013 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which rendered her from completing the school year.

“I did my Christmas concert in December, and I never came back for the rest of that school year. Just the whole thing of going through that and all the people at the hospital who did so much for me, I wanted to give back,” Potts said.

The process of giving back began by taking her students on regular field trips to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix to perform inside the hospital’s lobby.

She was later contacted by Chandler Regional Hospital to perform a flash mob with their staff, in conjunction with the hospital’s Human Kindness campaign, Potts said.

“It was just awesome. It was great to see the kids interact with the people at the hospital and really have fun,” she said.

Potts finished her last round of chemotherapy in January, and said working with her students on a daily basis was a key component on keeping her strong throughout the process.

“Just being around these kids is awesome medicine,” Potts said.

Sixth-graders Ashley Hayden and Jillian Lopker both performed during the flash mob, and both enjoyed the experience.

“It was funny because I didn’t even feel nervous… I just felt that they weren’t going to judge us because we had such a great time doing it,” Hayden said.

Lopker said the staff at the hospital was also enjoying their time participating in the flash mob.

“The doctors were having so much fun because it’s different from what they normally do, from surgeries to checking up on patients… it is fun to get out of your comfort zone and do something different and they were so happy doing it,” she said.

Both students plan to take choir throughout their time at Altadeña, and see their lovable instructor as more of a friend.

“Mrs. Potts definitely impacted how we treat other people. She always gives us the best lessons on how to be respectful, and she’s such a great person,” Hayden said. “She’s like our friend and especially all that she went through having cancer, we are really proud to have her as a teacher because she’s one of the most amazing people that I have ever met.”

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