Throughout spring break the Kyrene School District offered its students fun-filled activates at Kyrene de la Colina Elementary School.

Spring Break Academy offered students different classes from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ranging from rock-wall climbing; treasure hunting; arts and crafts to drama workshops.

“The Spring Break Academy is another option for the kiddos who are not interested in going to a kids-club camp. They are able to pick specialized classes… from all different hobbies,” coordinator Marisa Vega said. “Some children are here for the full day, and some just pick a few classes.”

Each class offered through Spring Break Academy gave students the chance to be involved with different learning material outside of their normal school curriculum.

“The classes are enrichment classes, so they are having fun while they’re learning,” Vega said.

Coordinator Lauren Woodworth taught different classes throughout Spring Break Academy and said her students would gravitate toward her Treasure Hunters class, where they learned there are different varieties of treasures.

The classes are designed by the district, focusing on children’s interest based off the newest and greatest things in life, Woodworth said.

Students participated in daily treasure hunts throughout the areas of the school consisting of scavenger hunts and puzzle hunts.

“They’re kindergarten, first- and second-graders and they’re so smart at that age. To be able to challenge their minds when they’re that little is amazing,” Woodworth said.

She also taught kids about different objects that sink or float, along with her other class where her students made homemade Play-Doh.

Woodworth said students who attended Spring Break Academy were given a break from “regular school” to learn fun things.

“They get to learn interesting things… they get to do stuff they love to do. It’s kind of like a college experience where they get to pick their classes and attend those classes,” she said. “It’s a very educational, but fun experience. They get to have fun over the break doing things they love to do, versus learning things they have to learn.”

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