A baseball complex, more public transportation, and a large destination are some of the ideas that came from a PlanPHX meeting at Pecos Community Center on Thursday, Oct. 11.

Mayor Greg Stanton, Chairman Mo Stein and city staff met with residents in Ahwatukee Foothills to hear their big ideas about the future of Phoenix.

Residents were divided into three groups and asked to write down what they love about Phoenix and what they’d love to see. Weather, mountain trails and the sense of community were the most common likes among the group, while more outdoor activities were the things they said they’d like to see more of. One group presented an idea for an Ahwatukee Baseball Complex that could handle large baseball tournaments. Another group asked for more bike paths, especially to connect Ahwatukee to downtown, and a restoration of the old circulators. The final group to present asked for a “destination-” like theme park to be built in Phoenix to attract more tourists.

Stein, chairman of the PlanPHX Leadership Committee, said while it’s still too early to say exactly what ideas will go into the city’s general plan, he’s already seeing some themes.

“There are a lot of themes of connectivity,” Stein said. “There’s a lot of movement, bringing people together, allowing them to move. We’re a large city so how do we make it easier to move? There are a lot of ideas about unusual connectivity. No one is saying ‘build more roads.’ People want to use transportation wisely.”

Other themes Stein has seen from attending all of the meetings so far and receiving every idea to his own personal cell phone are sustainability, neighborhoods and making Phoenix a destination.

The committee has already hosted seven public meetings to discuss the city’s general plan and to hear ideas from residents, but Stein said they’re adding more all the time. Once the committee believes they’ve conducted enough general public meetings he hopes to host more public meetings on topical issues like health, transportation, education or public safety.

“Without exaggeration it’s going to take hundreds of meetings to do this right,” he said.

The city is asking residents to answer, “What is your big idea for the future of Phoenix?” Ideas can be submitted online at myplanphx.com. All ideas submitted are displayed online and residents can vote for their favorite ideas. The PlanPHX Leadership Committee will combine all the best ideas into the city’s general plan, which will eventually go to a public vote.

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