Throughout her life, Dr. Marie Axman has seen her fair share of changes when dealing with moving around the country.

She and her husband have moved around the country more than 20 times over the years, bouncing from job to job not finding the one that stuck for them.

Axman, who is originally from New York, said the reason for the constant moving around from state to state was due to her husband’s career.

Over the years, Axman’s husband garnered various jobs in football from being athletic director of high school to offensive coordinator for the University of Arizona, where coincidently Axman received her master’s degree in school administration in 1994.

The couple moved to different parts of the county from Illinois, Albany, Arizona, California, Washington and back to Arizona, where Axman became principal at St. John Bosco Catholic School (SJBCS) during the beginning of the fall term.

She jokingly explained that she’s still surprised that with all the moving she did over the years she was able to continue to have a career, where in between she was also an aerobics instructor for Richard Simmons Anatomy Asylum in Denver.

The Axmans then moved to Maryland where she became a full-time substitute teacher for one of the school districts where see would perform duties from library assistance, physical education and special education.

The experience at Maryland gave Axman a very broad prospective on the whole teaching profession.

“We were at some of them for a long time, but some of them were for a short period of time,” Axman said. “We never got dust under the bed.”

The initial decision for making Arizona their final move came about when they purchased their home in Gilbert, knowing they wanted to retire there.

However, Axman said the most important aspect of making Arizona their home is due to the fact that their family, which includes four daughters and five grandchildren, resides in the state.

“Because they moved around so much they all went to Arizona universities, and they kind of came back to Phoenix,” she said. “They think of Arizona as their home, even though only one of them was born in Tucson.”

Throughout all the moves and different jobs, Axman wasn’t quite ready to retire and decided to renew her Arizona certificate and ended up getting the principal position at SJBCS.

So far, Axman has been enjoying her newly appointed position at the school, where she has been playing “catch up” on all the duties she is responsible for.

During her three months as principal, Axman has been learning about the community and the culture of the people who attend the school.

“I’ve been trying to catch a moving train that had already left the station,” she said. “St. John Bosco is very unique where they draw from all areas. Any of the other elementary schools I’ve been principal at they have been from that area, and I think it’s a unique thing about St. John Bosco that lots of people all over Phoenix come here. It’s an awesome school with very experienced and talented staff.”

Axman said she has found a place she can finally call home, and has no future plans on ping-ponging through different states anymore.

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