• On May 19 at 8 a.m. police took a report of a stolen license plate near the 4400 block of East Agave. Between 6 p.m. May 18 and 6 a.m. May 19 a license plate was stolen from 2010 Toyota Corolla.

  • On May 19 at 12:46 p.m. police took a report of a natural death near the 3200 block of East Chandler Boulevard. Officers received a call from an out-of-town relative who said they hadn’t heard from their relative living in Ahwatukee. Officers made entry into the apartment and found the 55-year-old resident deceased. All indications are it was a natural death.

  • On May 19 at 12:40 a.m. near the 4700 block of East Warner Road police recovered a vehicle taken from another jurisdiction. A 1994 Honda Accord was recovered in parking lot.

  • On May 19 at 4 a.m. police took a report of an aggravated assault near the 1400 block of East Chandler Boulevard. A juvenile male had an BB-gun pistol and pointed it at other juveniles who thought it was a real gun. Police were called and he was arrested.

  • On May 19 at approximately 4 a.m. police responded an armed robbery near the 4400 block of East Ray Road. Unknown suspects pointed a hand gun at a victim and demanded money. The robber received an unknown amount of cash and fled on foot.

  • On May 20 at 9:10 p.m. police took a report of an aggravated assault near the 15400 block of South 24th Street. The victim claimed someone had attempted to run over them on sidewalk while they were walking on East Mountain Sky Boulevard. The victim and suspect knew each other.

7. On May 21 at 3:20 a.m. police took a report of a domestic violence incident near the 12800 block of South 46th Street. The suspect, who was known but fled prior to police arrival, broke vehicle windows and committed assault by punching their brother.

  • On May 22 at 6 a.m. police arrested a man near the 11000 block of South 51st Street. An adult male was arrested for domestic violence criminal damage and outstanding warrants.

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