The Tempe Union High School District Governing Board has applied to continue its partnership with a nonprofit organization in order to benefit adolescent parents at Compadre Academy.

The partnership that is already in place between the Tempe Union High School District (TUHSD) and Stardust Nonprofit Building Supplies will likely be continued for another year, as the board members moved to continue forth with their application to the Gifts In Kind Program at Wednesday’s governing board meeting.

In the past, the district has utilized its partnership with the Stardust Nonprofit Building Supplies group primarily to redistribute donated appliances to individuals in need throughout the school district.

However, this year, they hope to gain more access to infant care items such as diapers, according to Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Baca.

“We are opening ourselves up to receive donations for the TAPP program,” Baca said.

Diapers and other infant care items will be donated and used at Compadre Academy in the infant care center where childcare is provided for students who are in the Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting (TAPP) classes, according to Baca.

The superintendent mentioned that this would be the first time that TUHSD utilized the Stardust Nonprofit Building Supplies Gifts In Kind Program for this particular use.

Dianne Welling is well aware of the impact that this nonprofit partnership has had on the district in the past — in their donations of recycled and refurbished appliances for district use.

“They have been great to the community, and great to us,” said Dianne Welling, coordinator of Business and Community Partnerships for TUHSD.

Welling works to bring partnerships into the district, and she worked to connect TUHSD with this nonprofit organization in 2008.

“The districts are able to put these items to immediate use,” said Al Gonzales, program coordinator at Stardust Building Supplies. “This is the main difference between other social services and nonprofits.”

Other social services require more time and employee involvement, but the nonprofit work by Stardust Nonprofit Building Supplies is much more direct, according to Gonzales.

The Stardust Nonprofit Building Supplies Program works with more than 600 social agencies, and they provide aid to a wide variety of individuals in need. Along with the Gifts In Kind Program, Stardust Nonprofit Building Supplies also works with other programs in the Valley, such Angels On Call and Computers For Kids, according to Gonzales.

TUHSD Governing Board member Zita Johnson considers herself a “fan” of the Stardust Nonprofit Building Supplies organization.

“They go around doing good things in so many settings,” Johnson said. “I am grateful that there are nonprofits around like that who are able to fill in the gaps for many institutions.”

The Gifts In Kind Program — with which the school district wishes to continue its partnership — is a local version of Good360 (formerly Gifts In Kind International) that works at large to connect nonprofits with large retailers who are willing to donate, according to Karen Jayne, executive director at Stardust Nonprofit Building Supplies.

Stardust Nonprofit Building Supplies Gifts In Kind Program is operated locally in partnership with Valley of the Sun United Way, Jayne added.

Although the TUHSD Governing Board has only moved to submit its partnership application for the 2012-2013 year, they are essentially already accepted, and these were simply means of paperwork submission, according to Gonzales.


Emily Nichols is a sophomore in The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.

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