Federal stimulus funding is trickling down to the local level with crews currently working to bring some sidewalks up to compliance with the American’s with Disability Act and to make needed improvements for pavement preservation in Ahwatukee Foothills.

According to Michael Hammett, a spokesman for the city’s streets department, Phoenix received $35.5 million in stimulus funding.

“It is huge,” Hammett said. “There are literally hundreds of projects throughout the city.”

Locally, people will be seeing pavement improvements first with new curb cuts for wheelchairs at some key intersections plus the installation of bumps, called truncated domes, at the edge of the sidewalk and the street.

“It’s almost like Braille for the feet so you know when you are entering the street,” explained Hammett.

Next is pavement preservation, which will include grinding off the top layer of asphalt and laying a new surface at the following:

• Warner Road, 48th Street to Interstate 10

• Elliot Road, 44th to 51st streets

• Chandler Boulevard, 40th to 48th streets

• 32nd Street, Chandler Boulevard to Pecos Road

• Ray Road, 44th to 51st streets

“There will be a lot of construction this summer, and we want people to know that there will be challenges on the streets” for motorists, Hammett said.

Other projects will include a $1 million makeover for 7thStreet and McDowell Road to increase capacity at the intersection; $3.5 million for bridge rehabilitation and $3 million for technology, including closed circuit televisions and wireless networks to increase traffic flow through the city.

“Improvements are always a good thing,” Hammett said.

For more information on the specific projects, visit www.phoenix.gov/STREETS/arra.html.

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