Jan. 13  — Sen. Russell Pearce formally introduces legislation

Feb. 15 — Senate approves wide-ranging measure aimed at illegal immigrants.

April 18 — Attorney General Terry Goddard calls measure “troubling’’ and warns of civil rights problems.

April 19 — Measure gets final legislative approval, goes to Gov. Jan Brewer.

April 23 — Brewer signs bill.

April 29 — Lawmakers agree to scale back law, ban questioning based solely on race.

May 5 — Rev. Al Sharpton leads Phoenix march against legislation.

May 14 — Brewer seeks to repair tourism image in wake of boycott calls.

May 19 — New video unveiled to train police on how to legally enforce law.

May 26 — Brewer starts fund to seek donations to defend the law.

May 29 — Governor kicks Goddard off SB 1070 defense team.

May 31 — Musicians announce Arizona boycott.

June 3 — Brewer meets with Obama at White House.

June 23 — Mexican government files amicus brief asking federal court to strike down law.

July 6 — Obama administration sues to overturn law.

July 21 — 81 members of Congress back Arizona in legal fight.

July 22 — Judge Susan Bolton hears legal arguments.

July 28 — Bolton enjoins enforcement of several key sections.

Aug. 26 — State asks 9th Circuit to lift injunction.

Sept. 22 — Ninth Circuit won’t let Pearce intervene in defending law he crafted.

Nov. 1 — Appellate court hears arguments in San Francisco.

Nov. 2 — Brewer coasts to election victory, bolstered by SB 1070.


Feb. 10 — State countersues feds for failing to secure the border.

April 11 — Ninth Circuit won’t let state start enforcing law.

June 6 — Brewer hires former U.S. solicitor general to argue SB 1070 to Supreme Court.

July 28 — Bolton rejects state counterclaim.

Aug. 10 — Arizona petitions Supreme Court to lift injunction.

Oct. 8 — Brewer establishes federal PAC to raise money for supportive federal candidates.

Nov. 1 — Brewer publishes “Scorpions for Breakfast” about fights with Obama administration.

Nov. 8 — Recall ousts Pearce.

Dec. 12 — Supreme Court agrees to review Arizona bid to enforce SB 1070.


April 24 — U.S. Senate panel has hearing on SB 1070.

April 25 — Supreme Court hears legal arguments.

June 12 — Anticipating victory, Brewer orders update of SB 1070 enforcement guidelines for police.

June 14 — Arizona ACLU warns against premature enforcement of law.

June 25 — Supreme Court decision

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