Culminating the ongoing discussion between local youth sports organizations and the Kyrene School District over use of facilities rates, the district presented a lowered rate structure Monday that now heads to the governing board.

The new, proposed structure would drop user costs by more than half. For school baseball field users like the Ahwatukee Foothills Pony Baseball Association and Ahwatukee Little League, among others, the new rates are a “win-win.”

“At this point, the district is in a good position and so are we,” said Pony baseball president Ron Ensley. “It’s a win-win for all of us.”

The proposed structure will be presented to the district governing board for a vote during the June 25 meeting. If the board approves it, the rates will be effective July 1.

According to the district, the new rate structure will no longer charge for custodial services or supplies Monday through Friday, or charge for outside restrooms. Light fees will be charged based on actual use and the district is looking into the ability of lighting just one field instead of multiple fields at one time, saving energy and costs on both sides, according to Chief Financial Officer Jeremy Calles.

For a four-hour day of baseball field rental, the district’s current rate structure would charge a total cost of $242 for field, restroom, custodial services and lights. The new rates, if approved, would cut down costs to $100 for a four-hour day.

Future field improvements discussed could include new lights that are energy efficient and would reduce spillage into the neighboring homes from 75 percent to 20 percent. If the structure is approved, the new lights could also be an option to Centennial and Altadeña middle schools in Ahwatukee, with Akimel A-al serving as a pilot.

The governing board will make a vote on the new rate structure at its public meeting on June 25 at the district office, 8700 S. Kyrene Road in Tempe.

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