Phoenix is working to become a leader in recycling in the Valley with a new Reimagine Phoenix campaign.

The campaign will ask homeowners to focus on five pillars: reduce, reuse, recycle, reconsider and reimagine. Homeowners can pledge to do their part at

The campaign is the next step in Mayor Greg Stanton’s overall goal to reduce trash sent to the landfill in Phoenix by 40 percent by 2020. So far the city has set up household hazardous waste collection events; quarterly I Recycle Phoenix events, which collect any items that can be reused, repurposed or recycled; Bag Central Station, which collects plastic bags for recycling; a Certified Clean Green program, which targets customers who use a large amount of green waste and are given a discount to take their waste to either of the city’s two transfer stations; and the Green Organics pilot program, which has been spreading slowly across the city since February. The Green Organics program gives residents a third bin to put green organic materials in to be recycled into mulch for city parks.

To share the Reimagine Phoenix message the city is working with different businesses in the private sector. Bashas’ will help promote the message of recycling at work and home. Phoenix Public Works is also partnering with Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability to find a way to reach the diversion rate goal.

In the future the city will look in to awarding homeowners who throw away less trash, changes to the current bulk trash system, and expansion of outreach for recycling programs.

The amount of trash the city of Phoenix sends to the landfill each year could fill Chase Field seven times, according to the city’s Public Works Department. In 2012, the city recycled 78,220 tons. This year, the city’s diversion rate is projected to be 15 percent.

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