Cecilia Khor

Cecilia Khor, MBA, MAHR, recently opened an Allstate Insurance office in Ahwatukee Foothills. Khor speaks English and Chinese.

Allison Hurtado/AFN

A bad experience with her car insurance company years ago after an accident on Interstate 17 planted the seed for Cecilia Khor to become an insurance agent some day.

Now she has found an insurance company that puts clients first and has opened her own Allstate office in Ahwatukee Foothills.

Khor was an international graduate student when she was hit by a driver while driving on Interstate 17. At the time she didn’t speak English well and she had never been in a car accident before. She wasn’t injured and the driver who hit her stopped and offered his name and phone number. From there she found herself on her own.

“When I had that accident I thought the first thing I should do is call my insurance agent,” Khor said. “He didn’t pick up my call. I left a message and he never called me back. I sent him an email. Finally, when I got a hold of him he just told me to call claims or call the other person’s company. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know I needed a VIN number or the other person’s insurance information. I was calling an expert and he wasn’t giving me any of the steps for what to do.”

On her own, Khor got a hold of the man who had crashed into her car and worked with his insurance company to have her medical bills paid.

She made a promise to herself that if she was ever in her agent’s position she would take the time to help her clients.

Khor returned to Malasia after graduating from school in the U.S. Her husband’s job with Intel caused her to move to several different countries before finally settling in the U.S., in Arizona. Khor spent several years in the corporate world and eventually left to spend time at home with their children. Now that her children are older Khor decided it’s time to reenter the business world and decided to open her own Allstate office in Ahwatukee.

She said she chose Allstate because of the company’s values and because of the continual education and tools they offer their employees. They also have a corporate regional office in Tempe, which makes them easily accessible when she has a question.

Khor herself has not been in the insurance business for long, but she’s surrounded by experienced staff and is passionate about learning the business and teaching it to those around her.

“There are so many things people don’t understand when purchasing insurance,” she said. “I can see ways I can help people make informed and intelligent decisions.”

Khor speaks Chinese and English. Her office is located at 4949 E. Warner Road, Suite 2. For more information, call (480) 999-7866.

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