There’s a fast-moving scam hitting the Valley now. It involves a call about a supposed security issue involving your credit card. This time scammers are targeting a Barclays card.

In the last week, two of my family members got the call and they don’t even have the card. But my son didn’t hear the word “Barclays” and thought it was his debit card. It’s the only card he has. Good thing, he asked his dad before putting in the card number and pin. That’s what these scammers want.

They were calling from (877) 675-9553. We found that number is now disconnected. Likely they will be calling from a different number soon.

Christopher sent me an email saying that when he called the number repeatedly, it eventually went back to some property management company.

While it’s an old scam, I haven’t seen one hit so hard in such a short period of time. Ask around and I’ll bet you’ll find someone who got the call.

Online and on the Let Joe Know Facebook page, there are dozens of people who’ve received the call in the last few days. Three of our anchors here at ABC15 got the call. Only one of them actually has the card. She had a previous security problem with a credit card. So she did put in the numbers and ended up having to call the company and canceling that card.

If you get this call, or any other call or email about some supposed security issue involving your bank, don’t reply. Instead, go to the back of your card, and call that customer service number. Then check to see if there really is a problem.

• Joe Ducey is helping people like you everyday on ABC15 News at 6 p.m. If you’ve got a consumer issue you can’t solve, “Let Joe Know.” Contact him at or (855) 323-1515.

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