After years of practicing chiropractic care, Dr. Eric Neufang decided there must be a better way to provide care for patients.

"For years, I had patients who would get better and I would refer them out for physical therapy, or they were coming here for chiropractic care and driving all over somewhere else for physical therapy," Neufang said. "In-house we wanted to decide what would be the best for patients to provide the best form of care for them."

Neufang purchased the chiropractor's office at 11011 S. 48th St., Suite 108, in 2008, after practicing for several years in medical centers and orthopedic surgeons' offices. He knew even back then that he wanted to be able to provide more to patients than just chiropractic care. At first, he welcomed pain management doctors to work from his office but, eventually, their practice grew so large they decided to move out on their own. Thinking of a new way to provide the best care, a new concept called Active Health opened on Oct. 1.

"Our entire office is centered around patient care," Neufang said. "We can offer patient treatment from point A to point Z. We can offer acute intervention with chiropractic care, and then active rehabilitation to help so there's no recurrence of the injury. That's where physical therapy comes into play."

Neufang said he's hoping to end rumors that chiropractors and physical therapists don't get along. Everything in the Active Health office is a team approach. As well as physical therapy and chiropractic care, the office also houses a naturopathic doctor that rents space. Neufang says even that doctor, though he's not a part of Active Health, is sometimes called on to give his opinion on how to best serve a client.

"I firmly believe this is the best form of therapy for patients," Neufang said. "They're going to get individualized care through chiropractic care for acute pain. And then as far as making them stronger and giving them rehabilitation to prevent reoccurrence, they can see the physical therapist."

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