A local women-run marketing business is celebrating its few years of success by reaching out to help another local woman-run business with a grant.

The Successful VISION Grant from VISION Marketing and Consulting will be worth $1,000 to $2,500, plus the company’s Small Business Success Marketing Package — valued at $3,000. It will be awarded to a business with an annual minimum revenue of $20,000, less than two years in business, based in the state of Arizona, at least 50 percent woman owned, and the business must be aligned with a charity or charitable cause.

“My business partner, Karen Cummings, and I started our business two and a half years ago,” said Veronica Shaw, co-owner of VISION Marketing and Consulting. “When we started, we felt so many health care practices didn’t have marketing available or thought it was super expensive or super complex. We decided as we’ve worked with a lot of businesses that we really wanted to help the small businesses. Being a female-owned company ourselves, we wanted to give back to some of the female-owned small businesses that struggle a little bit with getting into the world of marketing and the social aspect of it. Online has gotten a little crazy to keep up with. We just wanted to find a way to give back and help people and we came up with this grant.”

Shaw said the company has helped charities in the past, but helping a company that is aligned with its own charitable cause seemed like a better way to reach more.

To apply businesses should have their basic financial information, articles of incorporation and documentation about the charity there are involved with. The application is available online at www.visionmarketingaz.com/successful-vision-grant.

“We want all the small businesses with females involved to know the importance of marketing,” Shaw said. “We want them to succeed in their efforts being a small business in Arizona. We feel like if we can do it anyone can do it and we want to support anyone that wants to take on owning their own business. It has been one of the best things we could have ever done.”

The deadline to apply for the grant is Saturday, Feb. 1. Winners will be announced March 3. For more information on the grant or to apply, visit www.visionmarketingaz.com/successful-vision-grant.

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