When the owners of Caswells Indoor Shooting Range in Mesa purchased the business, Carolann Bergeson said it was obvious right away that an expansion would be necessary in the future but when they got closer to opening their second location near IKEA in Tempe they had no idea how big the demand would be.

C2 Tactical Shooting opened in early March, but did a soft opening for members only at first.

“People were buying up firearms like crazy, especially through the holiday season,” Bergeson said. “We had purchased a whole lot of product in 2012 in preparation for the opening. Well, everyone in town was out of all of the stuff that we had because we were waiting to open. We did a soft opening first for folks who had pre-purchased memberships while we were under construction. We wanted to honor members who had invested in us without our doors even being open and we wanted to control the outflow.”

Once kinks in the new systems were worked out and the demand evened out the store and range opened to the general public in late March. Bergeson said there’s still a high demand for ammunition, but that they’ve been able to control the need so far. 

C2 Tactical Shooting is a full-spectrum firearms and accessories dealer. The store also carries other personal protection items like batons, knives and pepper spray. Besides the retail side of the business the building also contains 23 shooting lanes — a big jump from the 11 at Caswells. 

Thirteen of the 23 shooting lanes are built for rifle or shotgun use. Six of those lanes are separated from the rest of the lanes for use by private parties. Bergeson said they’ve already had bachelor and bachelorette parties use the space as well as corporate groups. The remaining 10 lanes are for handgun use only. 

The store has a separate room with a shooting simulator that allows guests to test their skills without firing an actual gun. 

The store also provides a full range of courses for pistols, rifles and shotguns as well as all National Rifle Association Courses and self preparedness courses. 

C2 Tactical is located across the street from IKEA at 8475 S. Emerald Drive in Tempe. For more information and a complete list of courses and memberships, visit c2tactical.com.

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