Kimberly and Andrew Hangartner hold a few of the trophies the competition teams at Alpha Elite Fitness have won at international body building competitions. While the gym does train competitive body builders they have clients from all different backgrounds.

Allison Hurtado

When a corporate gym’s philosophy didn’t match up with theirs, Kimberly and Andrew Hangartner decided to head out on their own to teach people fitness the way they saw it.

Since they went into business for themselves, Alpha Elite Fitness has grown and now has a new location in Ahwatukee Foothills.

“There are constantly photos of these flawless, ripped physiques with slogans like ‘Train insane or remain the same’ and ‘Your workout is our warm up,’ ” Kimberly said. “Fitness is really about taking care of yourself, feeling good about who you are from the inside out. It teaches discipline … We just want to tell people that fitness doesn’t have to be ego-based. We like to think we change lives, and fitness is just our tool.”

Alpha Elite is a semi-personal training gym. It offers private and semi-private training, competition training and online training. While the gym sponsors and has clients that compete in natural bodybuilding competitions, it has clients from many different backgrounds. Alpha Elite staff train athletes, clients with weight issues and food addictions, kids and adults.

“The body will change with times and consistency, but it’s all the other life values that change first,” Andrew said. “People don’t realize that until a couple months in, but that’s what we love to see. That’s what drives our culture. It’s not just getting their best body ever, but let’s actually change your life and make you feel better and love yourself first.”

The Hangartners focus on positivity first. They try to build an environment that supports camaraderie and inspires people to reach their goals and also create relationships.

The couple actually met at the gym. Kimberly ran a boot camp for a big-box gym and Andrew began taking her classes and fell in love with fitness. Eventually, he became a personal trainer and went to work at the same gym until they left in 2010 to start their own.

“She just taught me so much,” he said. “When this changed my life, I got lucky and came into this world. When we started working together, I started helping her change other lives, and it’s just the best thing ever.”

The new Alpha Elite gym is located at 15410 S. Mountain Parkway in Ahwatukee. For more information, visit

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