Norma McCormick of Clean ‘N Fresh Cleaning Service
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For those who feel like cleaning is a never-ending task, Norma McCormick of Clean ‘N Fresh Cleaning Service may have the answer and she’s giving it away free this weekend.

For McCormick, cleaning has become a passion after spending more than 20 years doing it for a living. Over that time she’s done parking lot sweeping, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, janitorial, tile cleaning, and home cleaning. It’s all the tips and tricks she’s learned over the years that McCormick is excited to share.

“I didn’t realize people don’t like cleaning as much as I do,” McCormick said. “They aren’t passionate about it. I learned through the years, through trial and error. I started picking up tips and tricks that makes things quicker and easier. A lot of times with cleaning if you’re using the correct product or using it the correct way, you’re getting a better result.”

McCormick also focuses her business on green products. She’d been cleaning with tough chemicals for years before her husband started to have some strange breathing problems. Since then McCormick has been on the look out for good green products that leave a home looking clean without any side effects.

“A lot of times when you go into a house you can smell the Pine-Sol or the ammonia and you think it’s clean,” McCormick said. “We don’t want those scents to linger. If they linger you’re taking it in through your lungs and everything else. Too many people aren’t aware of how bad some cleaning products are and I just want to enlighten them.”

McCormick will be hosting a cleaning seminar on Saturday, May 19, to share her tips and tricks with those who are interested. The event will take place at 9 a.m. at her office, 15815 S. 48th St., Suite 116. She will share some of her favorite tips and then open it up for questions. The event will also feature Mariette Holland, co-founder of Green Kidz R Us.

For more information or to RSVP, email Norma at or call (480) 821-1481.

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