Ahwatukee Foothills resident Dwayne Baker has never been much of a cat person so when he moved in with his new wife and stepson and 14 cats he knew he had to figure out some way to get rid of the smell coming from the litter box.

“To say the least, no one is excited about cleaning the litter box every day so you have to get used to the smell,” he said. “I couldn’t get used to the smell.”

After years of arguing about the smell and trying to control it with a covered litter box versus an open one, Dwayne said he decided to do something about it. With a good idea and a lot of testing he came up with a product that’s now surprising many in the pet industry.

The Purr-ifier is an ultra-quiet fan and filter that attaches directly to the top of any enclosed litter box. When turned on, the fan pulls the smell and dust from the litter box up through an inch-thick filter that traps and absorbs the smell and keeps it from escaping the box.

“Every other odor control system consists of adding something to the litter or getting a special litter,” said Kay Baker, Dwayne’s wife and business partner. “We decided if you poop in a box it’s going to stink — so don’t let the stink leave the box.”

The product has been shown at several pet product shows and already Baker said he’s received calls from several boutique websites, Petco, PetSmart, Amazon and even “Shark Tank.” No exclusive deals have been signed yet, but the couple is shocked by the response they’ve received. The Purr-ifier was even part of the gift bags at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards.

“I can’t believe it,” Dwayne said. “We thought of it here in Ahwatukee and this community is one of the most supportive communities around… We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback. Now we just want people to know it exists and it works.”

Purr-ifier is available in several places online, including at www.purr-ifier.com. Five percent of sales from the product are being split between the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA and wounded veterans. The company is currently planning on sending wounded veterans and their guests to a lakeside home in California for a week. For more information on that program, visit www.VRBO.com/235233.

For more information on the product, visit www.purr-ifier.com or email dnkbinc@yahoo.com.

• Contact writer: (480) 898-7914 or ahurtado@ahwatukee.com.

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