A little bit of luck and a year of hard work have led to the grand opening of a brand new barbecue smokehouse on Chandler Boulevard.

Can’t Stop Smokin began in New Mexico and was considering moving to Payson, Ariz., but once they found the old Village Inn location at 7250 W. Chandler Blvd., the owners decided Chandler was the place to be. Now the final touches are being set for a grand opening on May 3.

Can’t Stop Smokin focuses on what they call “mountain barbecue” with dry rubs and meat that has been slow smoked for hours.

The store is set up with a deli feel where customers can buy meat by the pound or select their own cuts for a sandwich or combo meal. It’s a fast and casual environment with a mountain theme.

“Our biggest thing is our customers and having fun,” General Manager Nick Jaquez said. “Say you have a barbecue at your house and invite all your friends over. We’re doing the same thing. We’re doing a weekend barbecue every day. It’s more than a restaurant, it’s an experience.”

While the restaurant focuses on high quality meats it also offers a salad option, fresh jerky and plenty of sides. Soon the Arizona location is hoping to have a liquor license to serve beer and wine.

In the short time that Can’t Stop Smokin has been preparing for its opening they’ve also been taking time to get to know the community. The restaurant is already a member of the Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce as well as the Chandler Chamber of Commerce.

“We’re definitely trying to reach out to the communities we’re involved in,” Jaquez said. “That’s key for us. You are the ones that will be coming in and eating, and we definitely want to learn your faces and your names and figure out what you like to eat. Once we got our marching orders in line we wanted to get as much excitement generated as possible.”

It’s hard to ignore the fact that Can’t Stop Smokin is right next door to another barbecue place with a similar concept, Rudy’s.

Jaquez said he’s tried the competition and while they’re great at what they do, he’s confident that Can’t Stop Smokin can offer something completely different.

“We’re excited to be next to them,” Jaquez said. “I think we’re going to have a fantastic product that will keep people coming back to us. We do it different. We do some things on our menu that are completely different from what they do across the street. It think that’s what really sets us apart.”

For more information on Can’t Stop Smokin, visit cantstopsmokin.com or call 1-888-997-6654.

Contact writer: (480) 898-7914 or ahurtado@ahwatukee.com

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