Finding the right balanced nutrition to reach a weight loss or workout goal is getting more convenient with My Fit Foods opening its doors in Ahwatukee Foothills.

The company was started by a personal trainer in Texas, Mario Mendias, who was noticing his client’s bad eating habits were keeping them from reaching their goals. He began to train during the day and cook meals for his clients at night. As word spread to friends and family, Mendias was cooking more than training and soon he partnered with Anthony Milton, a “restaurant pioneer” to create My Fit Foods. Since 2007 the company has grown to 52 locations nationwide and will open its 53rd location in Ahwatukee Foothills on June 1.

The company cooks and packages homemade and healthy snacks and meals that help customers reach their fitness goals. The meals are made fresh daily with no preservatives or additives and have complete nutrition information listed on the containers. Each meal is packaged in a small, medium or large portion to teach customers portion control and each is good for four to five days.

My Fit Foods locations are set up like the freezer section of a grocery store, though none of the food is ever frozen, said Mat Reilly, area director for California and Arizona. Instead, each location is equipped with refrigerators and meals are placed on display inside the coolers and broken down from water and snacks to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each meal is packaged in a plastic that is safe for the microwave and won’t affect the food.

The staff at the front counter is trained to be able to help customers find meals that are specific to their needs whether they are diabetic or need something high in protein or gluten free. There are more than 50 menu items to choose from and only two include gluten.

If customers are looking to really make a difference in their meal plan they can set up a session with a nutrition consultant on location who will set up a 21-Day Challenge for the client. For the 21-Day Challenge customers are asked to eat only My Fit Foods meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The only cost for the challenge is for the meals themselves. Reilly said the average weight loss for the 21-Day Challenge is between 6 and 15 pounds.

“The whole spirit of why we’re in existence is because we want to help people change their lives or get their lives back and give them the tools necessary to do that through nutrition,” Reilly said. “One of the things I love about My Fit Foods is it wasn’t developed by four guys in an office going, ‘How can we make money?’ It was developed by a guy who was passionate, caring, thoughtful and had his customer’s best interest in mind, and how he could best serve them. That’s something we hold true to ourselves is the customer service is always at the forefront of our minds to ensure that everybody is taken care of.”

There are currently locations in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. The new location, 4802 E. Ray Road, Suite F-5, in Ahwatukee will be within a shopping center at the northeast corner of 48th Street and Ray Road. For more information on the company, visit

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