Passionate for helping others and decades of experience drove an Ahwatukee couple to start their own life coaching business.

Karen Dougherty and Steven Seidenberg both have years of experience in real estate and the corporate world training and coaching clients and colleagues.

“We came to Arizona looking for something to do for the rest of time,” Seidenberg said. “We love to help people, so why not that?”

The couple recently became certified through Wainwright Global and started Desert Wind Global. Both are certified life coaches and Dougherty is also a certified addiction coach. Their training helps people in need of personal growth, recovery coaching, relationship coaching, communication skills, confidence, life balance, organization and professional development. Their job is to help their clients get to the next phase of their life.

Though the couple is new to the industry, which has grown in popularity in the past few years, they say it’s their certification, passion and years of experience that set them apart.

“I don’t have the answers,” Dougherty said. “Steve doesn’t have the answers. You have the answers. What a coach does is steer you toward your own answers and hold you accountable to make the steps to move forward.”

Seeing a life coach is different from talking with family and friends, Seidenberg said. Coaches can be honest and unbiased in a way that those close to the person cannot be.

“They come to you for a specific reason,” he said. “They may be lacking how to go forward in a business or a relationship. It may come down to the simplicity of not knowing how to date… What a coach does is allows you to set bars and goals and then looks back and says, ‘Have you done this? What is preventing you from doing it?’”

For more information on Desert Wind Global, visit or call (602) 606-8846.

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