Christie Ellis is the owner/Designated broker for Sonoran Mountain Realty.

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Years of experience has taught Christie Ellis, owner and designated broker of Sonoran Mountain Realty in Ahwatukee Foothills, all the do’s and don’t’s of real estate and now she’s excited to share what she has learned and reach a greater audience through her book, “Real Estate Agent CEMETERY: How to Survive the Fears, Challenges, and Mistakes That Can Kill Your Real Estate Career.”

Ellis’ book is based off a class she taught to new real estate agents. She said it’s always been a dream to reach a larger audience by writing a book, and recently she decided to go for it.

“I put the book together wanting to show as many agents as possible how we’ve all made mistakes,” Ellis said. “A lot of agents are great at the negotiation side of it, but they don’t know how the business side of it runs. I wanted to teach them that they need to pay attention to finances, they need to have a goal and a business plan. I wanted to see how many agents I could reach. I understand how it feels to be scared. I understand how it feels to not know what I know.”

Ellis’ book is a short read that focuses on the basics of real estate she says many agents often forget. Ellis calls these basics the “Critical Care Success System,” which includes knowledge, confidence, goal setting, communication and relationships. It was kept simple so that it gets to the point quickly.

When asked why she would share this information with possible competitors, Ellis said there is no need for competition.

“That was one of the challenges I had when I started,” Ellis said. “I felt like no one wanted to talk to me about what I did because they were afraid I was going to steal their clients. Truth of the matter is if you’re taking care of your clients they aren’t going to leave you. They’ll always stay with you. I want people to understand it needs to be more of a collaboration, not competition. We have to work together. There’s a buying side and a selling side. If you don’t learn to play nice that can really make a difference.”

Ellis has been a real estate agent since 2003 after leaving her job as a social worker. She became a broker in 2006. Since then, she’s become a coach and co-created the website

The book “Real Estate Agent CEMETERY” can be found online at or on the book’s website,

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