A unique partnership with a local business is providing guests at the Springhill Suites by Marriot in downtown Phoenix new services they couldn’t offer before.

The Springhill Suites by Marriot, operated by World Travel Inns, has partnered with local ExTreme ReTrailers to offer guests professional haircuts, shoe shines, neck massages, and even retail shopping all from the hotel’s parking lot.

The Man Cavern is a custom air-conditioned trailer built by ExTreme ReTrailers and fitted with a barber’s chair for haircuts, shoe shines and neck massages, and shelves for retail shopping. The Man Cavern was built to travel in order to offer their services anywhere. It will be parked on Springhill Suites property from 8 a.m. to noon, Tuesday through Saturday, and two evenings a week depending on occupancy.

“We’re a limited service property so we don’t have a gift shop here,” said Sharon Zanjani, general manager of the Springhill Suites-Downtown. “I thought it was a great concept. I think more and more people are looking for the limited service properties but they’re expecting more of the full service amenities. This certainly provides that.”

It’s difficult for many hotels to construct their own facility for spa services or retail shopping. The Man Cavern is an affordable way to provide those services. If all goes well, another Man Cavern will be stationed at Mesa Fairfield Inn Marriott sometime this fall.

“I am pleased to offer hotel guests at the SpringHill Suites the great services from The Man Cavern,” said Julia Hutton, Ahwatukee Foothills resident and founder/CEO of ExTreme ReTrailers. “This is a busy hotel that will truly benefit from these services.”

Hutton began ExTreme ReTrailers after realizing that one set location wasn’t doing enough for her business, Biker Bakes and Beyond. She saw that they did much better when they traveled to different events across the country. Noticing the trend, Hutton closed her brick and mortar shops and designed a trailer that would offer customers retail shopping from any location. Since then the business has taken off.

The Man Cavern has been parked at Springhill Suites for a few weeks. Zanjani says they plan to have other ReTrailers parked on the property as well, later on, to provide guests with even more shopping on site.

For more information on ExTreme ReTrailers, visit extremeretrailers.com.

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