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Boxes Near Me sells used boxes to people moving and then allows people to sell the boxes back when they’re done.

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Moving is a stressful process and searching high and low for something as simple as boxes only further complicates things.

That’s what Ahwatukee Foothills resident David Levine was experiencing when he decided to move earlier this year. He searched all over for boxes and then when he was done moving he had a stack of boxes he no longer needed.

“I put them on Craigslist and kept getting all these calls for boxes,” Levine said. “It was the most insane thing I had ever experienced, yet I had experienced it before every time I had moved. I knew I had to do something about this. There was this demand because no one really deals with boxes. No one knows where to get them.”

That was the inspiration behind Levine’s new business, Boxes Near Me LLC. Boxes Near Me sells used boxes to people moving and then allows people to sell the boxes back when they’re done.

Boxes Near Me has six standard sizes of boxes that range in price from 80 cents to $1.50 per box. Levine said the average cost for a new box varies from $1 to $4. The company also accepts used boxes from the public for up to 12 cents per pound. Those boxes are all sold for 80 cents each.

“What we’re trying to do with used boxes is provide people with another option,” Levine said. “They’re cheaper than new, they’re better for the environment and it’s a cradle to grave solution. You can buy your boxes and all packing needs here and sell it back when you’re done.”

Levine has been a vending consultant for years and said Boxes Near Me is very much like a large vending machine.

“You come in, you have your six sizes to choose from, you choose what you need and go,” he said.

Boxes Near Me also sells bubble wrap and packing tape and has some complete moving packages available.

For more information, visit or call (855) 441-9089. Boxes Near Me is located at 1220 W. Alameda Drive, Suite 105, in Tempe.

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