The Spine Institute of Arizona is expanding and bringing its concept of complete spinal care to Ahwatukee Foothills.

The Spine Institute of Arizona offers chiropractic care, pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and spine surgery, all under one roof. The goal is to provide comprehensive spine care for patients.

“Our patients call for a number of different reasons,” said Megan Ashby of the Spine Institute of Arizona. “Sometimes it’s a referral, sometimes they just see us or sometimes they had a friend. Our focus is really conservative care so your first step won’t typically be a spinal surgeon unless you’ve done those steps already and have been referred to see a surgeon. We try to find the best non-surgical approach when we can to heal your pain and then we have surgery as the last option if that’s what the treatment plan calls for.”

When a patient does call in, the front desk staff has been trained to ask a few questions and make sure the patient gets to the right doctor and the right location to begin their treatment. From there there’s lots of communication between the different specialties to ensure the patient is getting the right kind of care to take care of their pain.

“There’s no mill,” said Dr. Paul R. Gause, a spinal surgeon with the Spine Institute. “There’s no certain protocol. We definitely tailor treatment to individuals.”

The Spine Institute of Arizona has locations in Scottsdale and Glendale. Their Ahwatukee Foothills location, 16515 S. 40th St., Suite 119, opened on April 18.

“We’ve really never been in the East Valley and we really just saw it as an opportunity, not only as a convenience for our patients but as a market that was really underserved,” Ashby said. “Our schedules have booked up a little more quickly than we had thought and our patients seem really excited that we have that office. We’re still spreading the word about that office, but we’re really excited to be there and it appears so are our patients.”

The Spine Institute is also actively involved in the latest spine research and participates in the educating of medical students, residents and fellows. The office also takes part in research and clinical studies to be aware of the latest trends in spinal care.

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