The granite countertops, energy-efficient appliances and high-end cabinets inside the apartments at Liv Ahwatukee are just the beginning of a long list of reasons why Ahwatukee’s newest apartment complex is also its most interesting.

“The traffic has just been incredible,” said Karissa Hoy, property manager for Liv Ahwatukee. “For October, I had set a goal of 100 shows. We had 62 our first week. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Liv’s motto is “Live like no other.” The company helps residents achieve that by having as many amenities on-site as possible. On the ground floor of the property, residents can take a dip in any one of the several salt-water pools, which are heated year-round, or use the outdoor kitchen. There are also cabanas and sunbathing chairs and fire pits to gather around.

Next to the pool is the Hub, which features several large TVs that can show one image or be broken up to show six shows at once. Residents can sit in theater chairs and watch TV or use the large gourmet kitchen where once a month IPA Management, the company behind the Liv communities, hosts pancake breakfasts for residents or restaurant tastings. On the other side of the Hub is a gaming area with arcade games and all the modern gaming systems as well as pool and poker tables.

Upstairs there’s a fully equipped gym that rivals any big-box gym. Residents can join in on weekly group fitness classes inside the classroom or use the room on their own and select from dozens of classes to project on the wall in front of them. For an additional fee, residents can attend classes at any Liv community and get discounts on massages and personal training.

The gym and the Hub both have garage doors that can open up to let fresh air flow freely into the room.

“It’s kind of more of a ‘show me’ than ‘tell me’ because once you see it, it’s just amazing,” Hoy said.

The complex is still under construction. The first 100 units opened on Sept. 12 and Hoy said about 30 of them are already occupied. Construction will be complete in 2015.

When the complex is complete, there will be a fully enclosed dog park and a 1-mile walking trail with exercise stations surrounding the complex.

The company also strives to get mitigate some of the biggest complaints against apartment living: smoking and pet waste. Pets are DNA-tested when they first move in so if feces is found on the property, it can be tested and the owner is sent a notice. The entire property is also smoke-free.

“We’ve had people who were smokers quit to move in here,” Hoy said. “They say ‘I’ve been looking for a reason to quit and living in this amazing apartment will be my reason to quit.’ That’s been really validating to see.”

Hoy said despite the amenities, prices on the units aren’t too far off from other new builds. The complex also offers deals on cable and Internet for residents.

For more information, visit or call (480) 758-4215.

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