Dan Creed

Years of building start-up companies and coaching others has finally led Ahwatukee Foothills resident Dan Creed to earn some public credibility as one of four authors published in a new book, called "Bootstrap Business."

Creed says he grew up as a farm boy in Kansas and, eventually, left the farm to pursue business. He ended up in radio. For 20 years he worked his way up to higher levels, working with advertisers from all different businesses. After gaining what he could from that experience, he launched his first start-up with five other guys in Kansas.

"That became really big," Creed said. "We had over 1,200 employees in 40 countries. I got the bug, moved out here and started a business with a guy. That went well and I just kept doing start-ups of all different types. It was interesting and fun."

Eventually, Creed realized what he was doing was essentially business coaching, and that he was doing it in his own start-ups internationally. He says he spent 193 days in a hotel in 2007, and that made him realize he wanted to be doing this, but he needed to create his own business that would allow him to stay home.

"I woke up one day and said, if I can't build a really good business and stay at home I might as well quit anyways," Creed said. "I came home and I had contact with some of the biggest business coaches in the world, and I talked to them and found it was just appropriate to become a business coach and stay at home. From there I built the business out locally."

Now, Creed has won multiple awards internationally for his coaching. He has about 15 clients, which is the most he believes is possible to handle responsibly at one time. He meets with each client once a week for over an hour and teaches them the basics of business that he has gained over the years, to help them realize what is working and what is not.

On top of coaching, he also does public speaking and workshops across the country. His name became so recognizable in the business world that he was asked to contribute to a collaborative book.

"Some business guys got together and were writing a collaboration book on start-up businesses," Creed said. "They needed a few more chapters so they did a nationwide search to find authors to contribute, and my name kept coming up, and I was asked to contribute."

Creed said the process of writing for the book took some time but, eventually, the authors selected four men to feature in the book in an interview format.

"I couldn't be any luckier," Creed said. "I get instant credibility. The three gentlemen on the cover are all pretty famous. Tom Hopkins is world famous for sales. John Christensen wrote ‘FISH!' that has been on the New York Best Seller List for years. Jack Canfield wrote ‘One Minute Manager. I'm very honored to be on the cover with those guys."

Creed says being a published author has given him the credibility he needed before he could write his own book, which he hopes will be published sometime in late 2012. In his own book he plans to delve into the basic principals of business, which he reveals in part on "Bootstrap Business." Through research over the years, Creed says he has seen many businesses ignore the basics in search of the latest craze.

"I think it's a great time to be in business because whatever your niche is, so many competitors are in hiding," Creed said. "If you understand how to beat it and get ahead right now, when it does turn around, and it will, you'll be so far ahead of the pack that you will just own your niche. Everyone is looking for the silver bullet, but there are foundational elements of being in business that if you're not applying those elements you'll be in trouble. In my coaching I try to bring people back to those foundational elements."

Creed says his style of coaching and teaching is all about helping people.

"I get paid for coaching, but that's the reward for helping people," Creed said. "Some guys like to say, if I coach you I get $2,000 a month. The way I was taught was if I work with you, and shut up and listen, and I know your needs we can attack those needs, and if I can improve your life I get paid for that.

To get a copy of "Bootstrap Business," or to learn more about Creed, visit businesscoachdan.com.

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