The beautiful models seen in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition aren’t just wearing designer swimsuits, some of them are also showing off jewelry made by Ahwatukee Foothills resident Beverly Moore.

Moore’s jewelry has been featured in the magazine for the past two years. Her creative designs using natural colors and ancient trade beads have been a subtle addition to models in the magazine and online.

Moore has been designing and creating jewelry for family and friends for about 25 years, but her husband convinced her a few years back to begin selling it. A year and a half ago she noticed the jewelry models wore in Sports Illustrated and decided to send them some of her own pieces.

“I sent them some things, we went on vacation, and I fully expected that when I got back the package would be there with a note that said, ‘Thanks but no thanks,’” Moore said. “Instead, I had an email and they wanted my phone number. A minute later my phone was ringing and they said, ‘We really like your things, we want to use it in 2011.’ They used it in 2011, and shortly after the magazine came out I got an email from them saying they wanted jewelry for 2012.”

Moore’s biggest inspiration for her jewelry is trade beads. She fell in love with the beads that were used anciently as a form of currency and began collecting them. Over the years she incorporated leather, driftwood, clay, ostrich eggshells, prayer beads and different stones and mesquite she has collected from near her home. Moore is also beginning to create some wall hangings, which she takes with her jewelry to craft shows across Arizona. She said while she can duplicate many of her designs, she purposely never makes them exactly the same. Each piece has something special about it.

“Wherever I go I look at everything,” Moore said. “I’m a real observer. It might be a piece of jewelry someone is wearing and I’m not going to copy it but there might be something about it that I like and that will start a process. I have my own style. I’m not sparkly, glitzy, and what you see in every jewelry store and on every corner. I like the more natural and earthy tones.”

Since her work was shown in Sports Illustrated Moore also received a call from another swimsuit magazine, called Miami Shoot. They have featured her work in their magazine twice.

Moore’s designs are available to purchase online at She’s also willing to throw “Bev’s Beadz” parties for friends to gather and view her work in a private at-home setting. For more information on hosting a party, call (480) 223-7608.

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