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Something Sweet Bakery's owner Tina Damon shows off some of her baked good displayed in her new store near 40th street and Chandler Blvd. Something Sweet is holding it's grand opening all day Friday and Saturday. Sept 21, 2011 Darryl Webb/AFN

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After just three years in business Something Sweet Bakery announced it will be closing its doors on May 31.

The small bakery opened their location at 4025 E. Chandler Blvd., Suite 52, in August of 2011. Owners Tina and Todd Damon posted a letter to “valued customers” on their Facebook page early Tuesday morning announcing the closing.

“We deeply appreciate the loyalty and faithfulness of our customers — many of you have become dear friends,” the statement said. “We’re going to miss your friendly smiles and the community connection that you brought to our bakery.”

Tina said Wednesday that she wasn’t sure what the future might hold but she’s keeping her options open. She had been making her cookies, cakes, cannolies, eclairs and more from a production bakery in Chandler but Damon said she will be giving up the production bakery as well as the Ahwatukee store front.

“It had to do with sales of course but it was really a personal decision to spend more time with my family,” she said.

Damon was putting in 16 to 18 hour days when the bakery first opened. She said now, depending on the day of the week, she was working an average of 12 hours per day but sometimes a lot more because sales were not high enough to hire on the amount of staff needed.

As a registered home baker Damon said she may consider doing some low-risk baking from home and providing her treats on a lesser scale, maybe at farmer’s markets or through personal orders. Other than that she may return to her former career of massage therapy which she did for 10 years before opening Something Sweet.

Something Sweet received many generous offers from loyal customers even offering to pay the store’s rent or work for free but Tina said the tough decision had to be made.

“My husband always called it my expensive hobby,” she said. “Now that it’s a business it can’t be an expensive hobby. We gave it a total of three years and then did some evaluations. Basically I worked for free for three years and I worked very hard. It made my decision easier looking at it on paper from a business point of view.”

Damon said she was grateful to live out a dream and give the business a try. She said Something Sweet really took pride in the desserts they made from scratch each day. They’ll continue to deliver the best quality possible through the end of the month.

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