Throw a party

One of the best ways to celebrate the moms in your life is to do just that — celebrate. Throwing a party for mom can be easy and fun, and will show that you are grateful for everything she does for the family.

When putting together plans for the party, be sure to include all of mom’s favorite dishes and drinks.

And don’t forget the activities. Make up some fun games that put the spotlight on mom. Activities such as trivia or charades can give your party a humorous twist, especially if the questions and answers are customized to describe the moms at the party.

Outdoor party

In most parts of the country, the average temperature for May is above 60 degrees, according to the National Climatic Data Center. This is perfect weather for a lunchtime picnic or an evening bonfire.

Coordinate with all of the moms in your life to see if they’d be interested in coming over for a party. Offer to cook all the food and make it a time of relaxation for all of your invitees.


Pulling off a surprise Mother’s Day party can be tricky because the families you know likely have holiday plans already in the works. That’s why it’s important to extend invitations extra early to test the waters.

If you’re feeling creative, you can try to surprise multiple moms at the same party. Have your guests show up at as close to the same time as possible and have friends and other family members waiting inside your house or at the restaurant to yell out a giant, “Surprise!”


One of the greatest family traditions of Mother’s Day can be getting multiple generations of moms together.

There are special bonds between grandmothers, mothers and daughters, all at different stages of their mothering lives.

You can do your part as a party planner to highlight and preserve these memories of togetherness by coordinating an annual photo with all of the family’s mothers. Take photos in a specific location and continue to do so from the same spot every year.

You can upload the photos to your computer to make digital slideshows or put together a paper memory book to collect and showcase these special treasures.

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