MCC Governing Board to consider property tax increase

At a May 21 public hearing, the Maricopa Community Colleges Governing Board will consider raising property taxes within the limit permitted in the state constitution and statute (A.R.S §15-1461.01).

Approximately 60 percent of the district’s operational budget is generated by property taxes.

This increase in primary property taxes will result in $128.96 taxes on a $100,000 home, as compared to $126.43 per year if the district did not maximize its levy, a difference of $2.53.

The proposed 2 percent increase would produce an estimated $8,095,039 in revenues.

District officials say the additional revenues are needed to support a projected student enrollment of more than 260,000 at Maricopa Community Colleges, skill centers and multiple satellite locations countywide.

Priority needs include additional faculty, student support, faculty and staff compensation, operating support for new buildings and inflationary adjustments.