Sean Bowie

Banning gender bias is just one of the many bills that Sen. Sean Bowie has introduced in the State Legislature in recent weeks.

Two years ago, Ahwatukee voters had the same choice before them as they do today about who should serve as their state senator.

In 2016 our community chose me to represent them at the state capitol because they supported many of the ideas and policies that I talked about on the campaign trail: restoring education funding, supporting our teachers, and working across the aisle in a bipartisan way.

While I talked about supporting public education and working across the aisle, Frank Schmuck talked about eliminating the state income tax (and 40 percent of the revenue in our state budget) and expanding private school vouchers statewide.

I’ve kept my promise to voters in our community: over the last two years, I’ve voted to restore education funding and give our hard working teachers a ten percent raise. I was recently named a Public Education Champion by the Arizona School Boards Association, and continue to work to restore funding to our local public schools.

I also have a proven record of working across the aisle: I was named the most bipartisan member of the state senate in 2017 by the Arizona Capitol Times. As someone who grew up in our community and who attended our local public schools, I’ll always put our community first.

It’s why I visited all 45 public schools in Legislative District 18 last year, and regularly attend school board meetings and other community events.

It’s why so many organizations and groups around the state have endorsed our campaign. In addition to our unanimous support from our police officers and firefighters, we’ve also been endorsed by teachers, realtors, doctors, nurses, and labor organizations. We’ve also been endorsed by every chamber of commerce representing our community, including the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

There is a very clear contrast in this race between my opponent and me. While I’ve worked to build a bipartisan coalition of support for our campaign, and governed in a bipartisan way at the state capitol, his candidacy has been unanimously rejected by the business community and even members of his own party. Running for office for the fourth time, he’s a career candidate who would seek to eliminate our state income tax, a move that would decimate the public schools in our community.

There have been four debates in our community over the past month for our race. Frank Schmuck hasn’t shown up to a single one. He’s afraid to show up because his real record on education, including his support for expanding private school vouchers statewide, is not what our community is looking for in their state senator.

Over the last two years, I’ve worked hard to represent our community in a bipartisan way and restore funding to our local schools. I have a proven record of doing both, and it’s exactly what I will keep doing as your state senator for the next two years if you choose to send me back. I hope to earn your support on or before Nov. 6h.

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