Brian Garcia

Brian Garcia

Our priority must be to ensure the success, safety, and well-being of our students. We do this by truly learning more about how our students, families, and community feel we should approach our duty to prepare our students.

As I go door-to-door and listen to our neighbors, our families express their hopes and aspirations, but also their concerns. Concerns span from having enough counselors to support our students to the size of our classrooms. As I listen to our educators, I learn about their commitment to connecting with our students and offering guidance for their futures. 

Our Tempe Union family deserves transparency from the board as we strive to meet their needs. To ensure we remain true to our efforts, I encourage our neighbors to reach out and learn more about how we intend to truly prepare all our students for high school and adult life.

We understand that planning for the future may bring some uncertainty. However, we can work with community partners who can provide resources to our students. These resources will help as they design their futures. Whether it is higher education, technical and trade school, or serving in our military, it is important we continue to listen to our student’s needs and aspirations. Ahwatukee resident and educator Linda Williams expresses and understands the importance of offering more options for students who are not college bound. Our job is to provide guidance and support that empowers our students and families to plan for a future that is tailored for them.

We also cannot forget about our interpersonal skills. It is imperative we teach our students how to balance emotional wellness and learning. Mindy Udall, a community leader, emphasizes the importance of human-to-human interaction and connecting with our students and families. She also recognizes that these skills are critical to strengthen our collaborative work with local businesses and build on our community’s success. 

Patricia Ladue, a retired educator and South Tempe resident said “Our job was never to get kids to graduation. Our job was to prepare them for the next step in their lives. The strength of our community lies in our educators who have made it their life work to prepare our kids for the next step in their lives. Not just select students, but all our students.”

As a product of Tempe Union, my teachers, mentors, and community leaders prepared me for life. Whether it was serving as an education advocate for Congresswoman Sinema, in the classroom with our AVID program, or in the courtroom as a Student Prosecutor with the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Tempe Union prepared me for life. I want to ensure all our students are prepared, too. We are doing a good job, but we can always do better. Let us work together to continue working towards excellence.

Learn more about Brian and his priorities for Tempe Union: Connect with Brian via email at, on Facebook, or by mail at P.O. Box 51946, Phoenix, AZ 85076.

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