Frank Schmuck

Frank Schmuck

Name: Frank Schmuck

Immediate family: Connie, Nicole and Teagan

Community of residence: South Tempe

Education background: BS Engineering US Air Force Academy with Military Honors and a Minor in French 1988; Executive Graduate Studies in International Management at American Graduate School of International Management aka Thunderbird and now owned by ASU - 2001 

Occupation: Captain/Pilot with Southwest Airlines

How long a resident of LD18? Since 1993

Last book read: Financial Peace University Complete Guide to Money by Dave Ramsey


60 words or less each.


Why are you running for the State Senate? 

I’m running for State Senator because I care about our community, and I have a record that supports it. As your next State Senator I’ll always put the needs of our state, our community, and our children first because that’s the right thing to do. From safety to education, I want to build a better future for you and your family.   


Do you support Gov. Ducey’s plan for the Severe Threat Order of Protection to give authority to family members and school officials to seek the court-ordered temporary removal of guns from people considered a danger to themselves or others? Why or why not?


The US Constitution and the Supreme Court are pretty clear when it comes to the second amendment. Rights of individuals are normally only removed by a court of law and after a proper adjudication process.  That being said there are cases where an individual who is considered a danger by a court of law should have their firearms removed. 


What other measures do you feel are necessary to protect schools from a mass shooter? 

We've not lost a life in the airline industry due to attacks since 9-11 because we employed some great ideas -- that's why I'm pushing for more safety in our schools. Words are not enough when it comes to protecting our most precious resources - teachers and our students. I sincerely support changing our laws to protect the innocent.  


Should the state be doing more to curb teen suicides? If so, what? If not, why not? 


As a war veteran I’m very cognizant of suicide and the veteran community has done good things to reduce it. We can and should do more in this area by giving children the means to get the assistance they need so we can put a stop to this tragic epidemic. 


If Proposition 305 is defeated, will you try a different tactic to expand vouchers to parents of private school students? Why or why not?

As a product of the public school system with two daughters in traditional public school, I believe in parental authority. The GI Bill is a form of school choice and it has been great for Arizona and the United States. We can learn from this program while being careful to always protect our public schools. That said, I will respect the will of the voters. 


In your view, is K-12 public education sufficiently funded in Arizona? If not, how would you propose increasing that funding?

It’s important that we level the playing field for all schools that receive pubic funding by increasing transparency and accountability. Local control is important; yet, we can find ways to ensure our teachers and classrooms are fully funded. Unlike my opponent who did NOT propose one bill in 2 years to restore education funding, I will write legislation to fix this problem. 


Is state university funding adequate in Arizona? If not, how would you address this? 


We recently passed a $1billion bond for our universities; yet, the cost of college education in Arizona is ever increasing. We can do more by ensuring university funding is properly implemented. 



Has Arizona cut taxes sufficiently? If not, what would you propose in the way of additional reductions. If so, how would you propose the state be positioned to meet new costs and inflationary increases in existing costs? 


The federal tax cuts that occurred in late 2017 have lowered unemployment and strengthened our economy, increasing revenue for Arizona. This increased revenue enabled our state to go from providing teachers a 2% pay raise in 2017 to a 20% pay raise in 2018. Economic growth is good for Arizona and our district.


How can Arizona best find the revenue to pay for both new highway construction and maintenance of existing state thoroughfares?


As more vehicles have increased gas mileage and/or are using alternative fuel we cannot rely on gasoline taxes to fund our roads and infrastructure. We need more creative and equitable ways of ensuring infrastructure and repair is adequately funded. This will require innovative and independent thought not the same old practices.  


Would you support a legislative remedy to the state Supreme Court decision that limited the state’s ability to block development because of water supply concerns?


Water is our most precious resource and we need to protect it and secure it. We cannot make the same mistakes as California. We must invest in infrastructure to capture our water and ensure adequate supply exists for our residents.  Let’s work together to solve these problems.


Do you support any controls on citizen-generated initiatives? If so, what kind of controls would you favor?

Citizen-generated initiatives are for the citizens/residents of Arizona. We need to protect that. We can learn from states like Utah who have instituted an equitable 10% across each district enabling an initiative to get on the ballot. This protects rural Arizona from the demands of our larger population centers and other states trying to dictate policy to Arizona.


Do you believe in a bipartisan approach to governing Arizona? How specifically would you try to achieve that?

I’m an Independent thinker who doesn’t always agree with everything the President or our Governor says or even tweets.   Instead I look at issues and determine: First is it safe? Second is it efficient and third does it deliver for the people we serve? Whether it’s working across the aisle or with the majority I will use this approach as your next State Senator to fix our problems and build a better future for you and your family. 

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