Donald Hawker

 Donald Hawker

Try as we might and should, justice on Earth is not perfect. Those who don’t believe in God needn’t believe in divine justice, “no hell below us, above us only sky.”

But those who believe in only this world’s justice inevitably conclude that the “end justifies the means” – aka, might makes right (some modern manifestations – information control, judicial activism, terrorism).

An example of imperfect justice: Examine that if a fetus dies from an assault on the mother, it is treated as murder – that is, a human being has been unwarrantedly killed. If the mother goes to “Planned” “Parenthood” to have it dismembered, or prevents implantation with “contraceptive” drugs or devices, it is not considered human, and therefore not murder.

The humanity of the entity subject to attack is the salient issue. Logically, it cannot be human and not human. It is the exact same mentality as the Dred Scott case, where imported slaves were deprived of recognition whereas Africans born free were not. And it has had the same divisiveness on the nation.

The cultural and therefore political polarization increases, which is now resulting in liberal hysteria that precious Roe vs Wade could be jeopardized by new Supreme Court appointments.  

This is the result of SCOTUS’s legal dereliction of passing the buck on recognizing one, biologically based definition of human life – “personhood” – which would have triggered the equal protection under the law actually demanded by Roe v. Wade.

This flippant disregard for objective, biological reality invites new demands that law respect the fantasy of “transgenders,” forcing into education, punishing the general public for refusing to indulge in the fantasy to the extent of forcing health care insurance or even public funding to finance it.

The civil rights movement got hijacked from protecting the disenfranchised community in the womb by chasing after willed actions (e.g., abortion, homosexual acts), thus doing a disservice to the meaning of civil rights. Justice dictates justifiable pre-born endangerment only with equal terms as born people.

That Catholics vote Democratic in droves is the PR accomplishment of any century. The Democrat chairman proscribes pro-life candidates.  

The platform positions: abortion on demand for any reason, funded by taxpayers and glorifying homosexuality with marriage.

Abortion and homosexuality are defined in Catholic moral theology as not just mortal but “sins crying out to Heaven for vengeance” and abortion also incurs excommunication (special penance requirement).

Cooperation in sin shares the guilt, sometimes with more responsibility than the primary sinner. To even condone or encourage someone constitutes cooperation, but to vote Democratic is to hire someone to affect these things.

There are 60 million U.S. children killed by parents with faith in contraception.

On this 50th anniversary of the encyclical “Humanae Vitae” (“Of Human Life” – simplified and clarified Catholic position on sexuality, natural family planning (, and the respect for new life which heterosexuality has the natural capacity to engender), voting faithfully will help Roe v. Wade’s 50th to be celebrated only by an addition to the Holocaust Museum.

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