Frank Schmuck

Frank Schmuck

I am running for office as your next state senator because I care deeply about the future of this great state. I feel that our state, and this district especially, needs someone who is uniquely qualified for the responsibilities and high-stakes strategy that is inherent to this position.

 Along with those who have supported and endorsed me along the way in my campaign, I believe that of those who are competing for this position, I am the by far the most qualified.

I trace my qualifications first back to my role as a parent of two girls in the public-school system. I have spent countless hours improving the local school system.

 Seeing a need for all children to continue their education, I founded Tempe Dollars for Scholars, now providing scholarships to students from seven high schools in the Tempe Union High School District reducing their educational costs.

 I have also been an Adopt-A-Pilot mentor to schoolchildren teaching 5th grade students in several subjects ranging from English to math and science. The nationally recognized Adopt-A-Pilot program is designed to help students understand that to achieve their dreams they need to stay in school.

After first-hand experience in our public-school system, I fully support directing more funds into the Arizona classroom and improved teacher salaries.

Furthermore, my service in the United States Air Force is at the core of my strength as a leader and abilities to handle a high-stakes environment.

 An alum of the United States Airforce Academy and a Gulf War veteran, I have seen it all. Among my experiences in service, I was awarded the US Air Force’s Air Medal for "outstanding efforts during Desert Storm," which included flying much needed supplies to Israel under scud attack and rescuing wounded from the battlefield.

 Additionally, I was inducted to the Veterans Hall of Fame as the youngest living recipient for my contributions to our community and state. I will continue this trend of service as your next state senator.

Getting anything done in a legislative body takes leadership, something our current Arizona Senate seems to lack.

 My role as a community leader has prepared me to fill this apparent void. I am a past president and a Hixson Fellow of Kiwanis Nuevo – a community service organization whose mission is “Serving the Children of the World.”

 I have also chaired two charitable foundations and have served on the Service Academy Selection Board for U.S. Senator John S. McCain.

After having spent a career serving our country, advocating for education, and being a community leader, I am certainly qualified to serve as the next State Senator in Legislative District 18.

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