Greg Patterson

Greg Patterson

I’m asking you to help return me to the Arizona House of Representatives. I served in the Legislature from 1991 to 1995. That was so long ago that it is commonly referred to as the “Jurassic” period.  

During those years, the Legislature was split along party lines, but the larger divide was “smokers” and “non-smokers.”  That’s because when I served in the House, members could smoke during caucus or in committee. I sat in the non-smoking, Republican, conservative section of the Caucus.

During those years, we also passed landmark legislation. I supported the legislation that created charter schools. We also passed landmark water legislation and set the early auto emission and air quality standards.  

The next time that you are behind a 30-year-old car at a stoplight, remember that they all used to smell like that. The air is much cleaner because of the fuel and emission standards that we set in the 1990s.

I served four years on the House Appropriations Committee and I chaired the Government Operations Committee as well as the House Banking and Insurance Committee. I helped to balance the budget, make government more efficient and fund public education.

After my four years in the House, Governor Symington appointed me as Director of the Residential Utility Consumer Office. I was the state’s top consumer advocate on utility issues. I worked to keep water, electric and natural gas rates low while ensuring that the system remained safe and reliable.  

I’m a CPA, but I had always wanted to also be an attorney. I was accepted to ASU law school in 1985, but my wife was still in school and we had food to buy, so I turned ASU down and took a job at a large accounting firm in Phoenix.

I vowed that I would eventually go to law school and in 2006 – 21 years later – I enrolled at ASU law school.  

In 2008, I graduated from law school and was elected to the Board of the Maricopa Integrated Health System. At MIHS, I worked to ensure that the poor had access to high-quality health care and that the system was efficient and cost effective.

We cut costs, improved quality and increased access to health care for the most vulnerable Arizonans.  

In 2012, Governor Brewer appointed me to the Arizona Board of Regents. I served on the Board for five years and worked to increase the quality of Arizona universities while still keeping tuition as affordable as possible.

That’s a tough balance. Tuition is still too high – all three of our kids attended ASU and my youngest child is a senior so I have been writing checks to ASU since 2011!  

However, as a regent, I worked to cut costs and improve quality in the face of some very difficult economic times. I think that my children received a high-quality education and I know that ASU provides tremendous economic benefit and value to the entire state.  

Arizona has been very good to me. I’m a second-generation Arizonan; my kids attended public schools. I’ve worked in both the private and public sector and now I would like the opportunity to serve in the Legislature once more.   

I would appreciate your vote in the upcoming election.  

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