Lorri Conley
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Q: What type of business services or products do you provide?

A: My business is to make buying and selling your home easy and smooth with the personal touch and knowledge you can trust and depend on.

Q: What are some exciting things happening in your business?

A: Cactus Mountain Properties sells real estate all over the Valley, however, my special concentration is Ahwatukee, “The Four Corners.” This month I just had my first monthly newsletter release, “Real News,” providing up-to-date market information and keeping my clients informed of the real estate shifts and changes.

You can view a copy of “Real News” when you register on my website, Lorri.PhoenixValleyHomes.com. Just register at the “See More Listings” section. There you will also find great homes to buy, for sale, or rent; or you can simply “Like” my Facebook at facebook.com/lcrealproperties and find it there. Cactus Mountain Properties is growing; we just opened our Property Management Department. For more information, email Rentals@CactusMountainProperties.com.

Q: What is your background and how did you come to be in this business?

A: I have a background in business, psychology and human resource management. I am a 28-year retired U.S. military veteran; Air Force – Air National Guard. My business and command experience along with project management is what fostered my desire to master the real estate arena.

Q:. What are your special interests?

A: When I’m not working real estate (which isn’t very often) I really enjoy my family. When I’m not with my immediate family, I’m enjoying my church family and get involved with different events. I also enjoy one-on-one mentoring with women and young adults. When I am able to squeeze in time for myself, I simply enjoy reading and keeping myself updated and on the leading edge of real estate.

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