Michael Bond

Legalshield & 1st Place Tutoring

Email: mbond@1stplacetutoringaz.com

Websites: www.legalshield.com; www.1stplacetutoringaz.com


What type of business services or products do you provide?

For my LegalShield business I market legal and business consulting services for families and small businesses. I help families and business live worry free by providing them very affordable access to attorneys and business consultants.

For my tutoring business we provide academic tutoring for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. We are gearing up to provide SAT/ACT test preparation workshops at the beginning of the year for high school juniors. We mainly tutor in math, reading, and science.


What are some exciting things happening in your business?

LegalShield just finished an advertising campaign in Phoenix and the results were phenomenal. More people have heard about the service and are taking advantage of it to protect their families and to protect and grow their businesses.

At 1st Place Tutoring we are gearing up to start our own marketing campaign in the beginning of the year. We will be working with a great marketing and advertising company called Amazing Remarkable. Our SAT/ACT test prep workshops will be fun and will allow students to increase their test scores. This will allow them to be eligible for more scholarships. College is not cheap so investing in a good SAT/ACT test prep workshop will pay off with increased scholarships.


What is your background and how did you come to be in this business?

I graduated from THE Ohio State University (GO BUCKS!) with a degree in aerospace engineering and always loved working with students. I tutored other students (calculus and physics) while in college and loved when the student’s “light came on” and they would understand the topic we were working on. I am also a mentor with New Pathways for Youth program and the tutoring business sort of was born out of my passion for helping kids achieve more in life through education.

My LegalShield business was started a few years ago, and I recently started working with small businesses a lot more since I started 1st Place Tutoring as a small business. By using my LegalShield service many times I realized how powerful the service is and really does help businesses and families.


What are your special interests?

I love football and would like to eventually get back into coaching high school football again. I travel (I went to Kenya twice this year) and like to learn about different cultures. I am also a big DIY’er so there is always some kind of construction project going on in my house. My next home project is to build an outdoor kitchen before summertime.

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