Main Street Ahwatukee Red, White and Boom donation

Never too early to celebrate Red, White & Boom Fireworks! Chamber President/CEO Anne Gill Accepts a donation check of $15,000 from Vision Community Management presented by CEO, Darin Fisher.

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We all know or do business with companies who deserve recognition for the exceptional products or services they provide. Customers are drawn to excellence and when they experience quality customer service or an outstanding product they will tell their friends all about it. A word of mouth referral is one of the most targeted and effective forms of advertising there is.

The way business is done has undergone quite a change. The recent economic recession has made people rethink their business models and businesses have found innovative ways to deal with these changing times. Quality and excellence have become key words for survival. Business owners have realized that excellence is not perfectionism, but instead a journey through today’s world of new possibilities.

It is times like these that enable people to do things more efficiently and with a greater sense of focus and purpose. There is no one magic solution to the challenges businesses face today. Large companies will succeed through different approaches than those adopted by small business. What these companies do to achieve the same end of success will inevitably be different.

What is it that sets these superior businesses apart? These companies realize that excellence can be achieved through constant improvement. That it is not just a one-time act, but should be a habit. Excellence in business means continually monitoring what is new in the marketplace of ideas and being open to putting those ideas to work with your existing products or services. It means encouraging your employees to come up with new ideas or suggestions for making your business more relevant and efficient.

Excellent businesses share a common set of questions they know that they need to answer and keep answering over and again as their business grows. To continue to survive, a business should become its own competitor at some level within itself. Any business which is not striving to be the very best may soon find itself out maneuvered by its competition. So, continue pursuing excellence and success will follow.

In the spirit of excellence, the Palo Verde Award was created by the Ahwatukee Chamber’s Women in Business, to honor inspiring women leaders and role models in the Ahwatukee community. Join us on Nov. 3 at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass as we celebrate excellence in business and recognize this year’s Business Woman of the Year. For more information, please visit


Anne Gill is president and chief executive officer of the Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce. Reach her at (480) 753-7676 or

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