Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Lindy Lutz Cash, right, greets attendees at a recent mixer.

The Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce is focused not only on the business and commerce that occurs within our community, but also with delivery of new and exciting information that has relevance and value to our wonderful neighborhood.

Recently, the SouthEast Valley Regional Association of Realtors (SEVRAR) restarted the once retired Ahwatukee Luxury Home Marketing Tour. Chamber CEO/President Lindy Lutz Cash recently had the pleasure of being the guest speaker at the inaugural tour on Jan. 17.  

The tour just finished up its second reound in February with two of our beautiful community homes tied in voting for “Best Home On Tour.”  Look around while you’re out and about and notice the acknowledgement attached to the listing signs for those homes.

The luxury home market has enthusiastically rebounded from the adverse effects of the housing recession nearly a decade ago.

This marketing home tour allows Realtors to showcase their luxury listings alongside other very similar listings. Then, these professionals help one another by providing high-quality suggestions and professional feedback to the listing agent.

 With this feedback, the property owner and agent can be assisted with the successful marketing and eventual sale of the property.

The marketing home tour is not open to the general public and is a valuable tool for the seasoned professionals that serve our real estate market. Each home that is visited has the actual listing agent or a member of their real estate brokerage.

The representative briefs the group on some details of the home and is present at the tour to answer any questions and receive the input from the other real estate professionals.  So, there is a very controlled access to the fine homes that the tour serves.  

Homes must have a minimum listing price of $750,000 to qualify for being a tour stop.  

Because these luxury homes have many details and areas to review, the tour members spend no less that 15-20 minutes in each property, evaluating the features, benefits, appearance and price of the property.  

At the conclusion of the tour, the Realtors their affiliates that helped put the tour together all vote to elect the best home. This designation is given for best presentation and value.

So, keep the SEVRAR Ahwatukee Luxury Home Marketing Tour in mind for a great tool if you are selling a luxury home.

- Thomas S Moore III, Designated Broker, American Homefront Realty

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