Monica Chavez

While using social media is a no-brainer for most people looking to promote their small businesses, few understand how to use it correctly.  There is an art to posting, tweeting, and pinning that will attract new customers while ensuring loyalty to old ones.

First and foremost, social media is not a blank billboard for your business to advertise on!  If you follow a business of any kind on social media, you can attest to the irritation you feel when ads start filling the news feed.

Use this platform as a way to send out information about your business or promote special deals and events.  Loyal customers will be drawn to well-timed, thoughtful posts and will share it with friends.  New customers will be drawn to the special offers and ideally become regular followers.

Secondly, use social media tools to let your expertise shine.  Let people see what makes your business special!  Use the visual side of social media to display new products, videos, and testimonials. If you own a hair salon, post hair style demonstration videos on YouTube and Facebook. 

 If you own a bakery looking for more wedding business, pin pictures of your recent creations along with special promotions for wedding cakes and desserts.  Social media really is simple if you analyze a goal and the best way to reach it.

Lastly, social media is a two-way street.  Don’t let the opportunity to interact with customers pass you by!  The beautiful thing about these sites is the ability for users to leave comments and feedback.  It’s a wonderful chance for you to improve your business. 

They will let you know what they like and don’t like (so be prepared for criticism).  They will tell you what deals you should repeat and which products you should order more of.  Make sure you are responding to posts and comments so customers feel they’ve been heard.  Your business will appear more personal, and that’s how you build relationships with your customers!

Using social media effectively will do wonders for your small business.  It’s a cost effective way to promote and reach new customers.  Loyal customers will appreciate updates from your company and the chance to interact with you too. 

Remember, don’t try to do everything.  Be an expert in your field.  Keep it small, and use the tools to your advantage!

The Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce strives to create a foundation on social media that will help build visibility and connections for chamber members and the community. You can find the Ahwatukee Chamber on Facebook (Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce) and Twitter (AhwatukeeCC).  For more information on the Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce, visit or call 480-753-7676.

Monica Chavez, marketing and events manager for the Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce.

Sources from Save Local Now.

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Quinn Robles

The 3 Ways to Maximize Social Media for Small Business you have shared here are quite a lot helping, I have been working on a few social connection and they all have been just about right for me. Will work on those ways soon

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